Secured Transactions

Secured Guaranties and Third Party Deeds of Trust
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Enforcement Issues for a Creditor Holding
Multiple Deeds of Trust on the Same Property
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A Further Thought on Aviel v. Ng:
Enforcement of an Automatic Lease-Subordination Provision
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Deeds of Trust Securing "Performance" 
Obligations and Purchase-Deposit Refunds
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The "One-Action" Rule: Recent Developments
(Security Pacific Nat'l Bank v. Wozab)
1991 Annual Review of Recent Developments
Business Law Section, State Bar of California


Leasehold Mortgages in Bankruptcy
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Executory Contracts Revisited:
A Reply to Professor Westbrook

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Executory Contracts in Bankruptcy:
Understanding "Rejection"
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Computation of the Bankruptcy Preference Period:
A Trap for Practitioners
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*on this topic, also see
MBNA America v. Locke (In re Greene)
223 F.3d 1064 (9th Cir. 2000)