Guaranty-law presentations

Guaranty/Surety Law Presentation
Orange County Bar Association
Banking and Lending Law Section
Oct. 2014

Guaranties of Less Than the Full Loan
American Bar Association
Business Law Section
April 2014

Secured Transactions articles

Secured Guaranties and Third Party Deeds of Trust
28 Cal. Real Prop. J. (No. 3) 3 (2010)

Enforcement Issues for a Creditor Holding
Multiple Deeds of Trust on the Same Property
27 Cal. Real Prop. J. (No. 1) 33 (2009) 

A Further Thought on Aviel v. Ng:
Enforcement of an Automatic Lease-Subordination Provision
31 CEB Real Prop. L. Rptr. 155 (Sept. 2008)
Deeds of Trust Securing "Performance" 
Obligations and Purchase-Deposit Refunds
24 Cal. Real Prop. J. (No. 4) 24 (2006)

The "One-Action" Rule: Recent Developments
(Security Pacific Nat'l Bank v. Wozab)
1991 Annual Review of Recent Developments
Business Law Section, State Bar of California

Bankruptcy articles

Leasehold Mortgages in Bankruptcy
9 Cal. Real Prop. J. (No. 2) 40 (1991)

Executory Contracts Revisited:
A Reply to Professor Westbrook

62 U. Colo. L. Rev. 1 (1991)

Executory Contracts in Bankruptcy:
Understanding "Rejection"
59 U. Colo. L. Rev. 845 (1988)

Computation of the Bankruptcy Preference Period:
A Trap for Practitioners
90 Com. L.J. 170 (1985)

*on this topic, also see
MBNA America v. Locke (In re Greene)
223 F.3d 1064 (9th Cir. 2000)